I live on Madeline
Island in Lake Superior,
about 75 minutes from
Duluth, MN.
I am a weaver with an
Etsy shop -
Mad Hatties Vintage.
I also spend many hours
at the piano and
composed a book of
piano solos a few years

Sukha is a sanskrit
word meaning
'joy and happiness'...
Suk or suc is the root
of the word 'sugar' in
many languages. She is
very sweet and a great
joy to me. This dog is
so entertaining
...she makes me laugh
Thank you for visiting
Lake Superior Cotons!
Susan Sabre

About Lake Superior Cotons!

We are certified by the
Malagasy Coton de Tulear Pervation Club (MCPC)
as an ethical breeder of the
rare Madagascar Coton De Tulear
(pronounced coe-TAWN day TULE-ee-r)

I started looking for a puppy when my beloved border
collie, Hattie, was getting very old and I didn't want
to be without a dog. I thought a puppy might give
Hattie a new spring in her step too!
I knew I wanted a companion-type dog and I was
looking at Bichons when I was introduced to the
Coton De Tulear. No question about it...this was the
dog for me.

Sukha came from Kolosky Cotons in Bakersfield, CA.
Her dam was Pelli, sire Tucker.

I also decided I wanted to breed these dogs. I had
raised smooth-coat St. Bernard's years ago and I
was ready to enjoy raising puppies again. Moving
through the certification process to have a
'breedable' Coton is a committment ethically and  
financially plus it takes time and effort.
Lake Superior Cotons
About Us
Pelli- Sukha's  Dam
Tucker- Sukha's Sire
Sukha and Hattie